History & Taste of Chocolate

Come with us on a delicious tale of discovery, exploration and invention. Travel back in time to steamy jungles and ancient temples, and learn about the strange and wonderful history of everyone’s favourite treat. It’s a tale of mystery and intrigue, secret recipes and skullduggery. Meet smugglers, pirates and the inventors who helped create chocolate as we know it today. We’ll circle the globe and savour chocolate experiences from Africa, Europe and Asia. As a parting gift, select your own ‘Spoil Me’ box of chocolate truffles to take home.

Duration: 45 minutes


Up to 10 guests: R3 200
Up to 15 guests: R4 500
Up to 20 guests: R5 600
Up to 30 guests: R7 500
For 30 or more guests: R245.00 per person

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  • “I’ve always enjoyed single malt whiskeys, and chocolate, but never thought of pairing them together. It was a revelation.”
    Charlie Bucket
  • “Learning the history of chocolate – and trying amazing chocolates from around the world – has made me appreciate it even more”
    Augustus Gloop
    Éclair City

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