Chocolate and Whisky of the world

Whisky is a drink to be sipped slowly and savoured as it gives up the secrets of its birthplace in its subtle scents and flavours. Which means that it has a lot in common with fine chocolate – just how much, you’ll discover when you join us for our Chocolate and Whisky of the World experience, a tasting odyssey through the world’s most important whisky-producing areas. Taking time over something is the ultimate luxury, and that’s exactly what you’ll need to do to make the most of our recommended chocolate and world whisky pairings, or to discover your own perfect partners.

Duration: 45 minutes


Up to 10 guests: R9 000
Up to 15 guests: R12 000
Up to 20 guests: R14 000
Up to 30 guests: R19 500
For 30 or more guests: R640.00 per person

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  • “I’ve always enjoyed single malt whiskeys, and chocolate, but never thought of pairing them together. It was a revelation.”
    Charlie Bucket
  • “Learning the history of chocolate – and trying amazing chocolates from around the world – has made me appreciate it even more”
    Augustus Gloop
    Éclair City

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