Chocolate Experiences

A bite that just might make your imagination take flight…

At The Chocolate Tier, we’re a little obsessed with chocolate. Not just eating it (although we like to do that, of course) but learning about it, experimenting with it, and finding new ways for people to enjoy it. Life is far too short to eat poor-quality chocolate, so we’re committed to sourcing the best African cacao and natural flavourings. We want each of our handcrafted chocolates to be a taste sensation, and each of our chocolate experiences to be an unforgettable event. Enjoy our taste combinations and chocolate pairings and learn to look at chocolate in a whole new light.
The crisp snap of a thin square of dark chocolate. The tickle of raw cacao powder. The silky sweet taste of Madagascan vanilla. Coffee beans, sea salt, chili and salted caramel. Experiencing and enjoying chocolate is a sensuous experience. Even the language we use to describe chocolate sounds like poetry: bittersweet, floral, intense. Every time we eat chocolate, drink it or give it as a gift, we’re enjoying experiences – or making them possible for others. Chocolate has a history and a magic all of its own, from chocolate bunnies to Willy Wonka, and continues to provide unique moments today.
Chocolate is wonderful on its own and doesn’t really need any embellishment. But something magical happens when you introduce the finest chocolate to certain natural ingredients: they get on famously. It can also be love at sight between chocolate and whiskey, or chocolate and champagne. Experience the romance of perfect pairings with our chocolate experiences, or come with us on a voyage of discovery to the mythical places where the cacao seeds grow and where chocolate was first enjoyed. As chocolate connoisseurs, we love creating new chocolate experiences and introducing people to the pleasures of the cacao seed.

Chocolate: the good news

Chocolate is good for you! It’s one of nature’s superfoods, packed full of antioxidants and flavanols. It can help protect your heart, lower your cholesterol and aid in regulating your blood sugar and blood pressure. Chocolate can even assist with cognitive functions – that’s right, eating chocolate can actually make you smarter…


The benefits of chocolate were first recognised by the Mayan civilisation many centuries ago. Even the Latin name of the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, means ‘food of the gods’. Chocolate’s amazing properties have long been assumed to be divine, and now nutritionists are discovering the scientific facts behind the emotional benefits we all feel when we eat chocolate.


From Africa with love

We marry the traditional artisanal skills of the chocolatier with the finest West African cacao, the sweetest cane sugar and rich full cream milk from South Africa’s lush green pastures to create our chocolates.

We source premium vanilla pods from Madagascar, and you can taste the difference – and experience it too.

  • “I’ve always enjoyed single malt whiskeys, and chocolate, but never thought of pairing them together. It was a revelation.”
    Charlie Bucket
  • “Learning the history of chocolate – and trying amazing chocolates from around the world – has made me appreciate it even more”
    Augustus Gloop
    Éclair City

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